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Our Story

Essence point is a milestone in study abroad

Essence point is a milestone in study abroad as it contours succeeding of the candidate and makes their dreams come true with flying colours. We have earned a towering reputation as we tend to simplify the intricate functionalities of the foreign universities and their academic setup as well as their way of guiding. If you stargaze to study abroad or to be a foreign professional we can land our hand you to do this. It is an upright effort from us to diminish the information gap from all the candidates thinking of going abroad for any of their purposes

Unlock the Door of Freedom

We offer the variety of courses such a IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT,OET, as well we deal with the admission counselling section of study abroad. Our library is highly equipped the study materials of all the courses .We are established to be facilitator par excellence for student sodality. Further we have also colligate impregnable professional tie-ups in assorted western countries and who are pioneers to pick our educates up and rendering them the way of accommodation .We conceive in constituting long term kinship and hence there is perpetuated greater support to the students and their families even after they have departed from the country . We are quick, efficient, far sighted and quite organised to hilt and first and foremost we are accustomed to what we do with hardly any scintilla of stumbling block. As it’s said that “all worship the rising sun”. We support you to be the budding star of tomorrow.

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